Sunday, June 24, 2012

practical repair work

foam head phone covers don't last forever

this is a perfectly usable set of head phones, but that hole there in one of them (and a smaller hole in the other one that doesn't show) meant they weren't getting used

after all, every time you touched that foam you came away with little black flakes all over your fingers, so putting them on your ears just seemed really wrong

my daughter had asked if I had a spare pair for Mr Cute to use to listen to his music when they fly, and these were good -- except for those covers

yes, I know you can buy replacement foam covers, but that would have meant a trip to a store and the spending of money and in a year or so we'd be right back in this same place

let's not go there

so, I raided the rag bag for the sleeve of a worn out locker gray t shirt

cut out two ovals, gathered them with strong thread and covered those head phones with custom, grandma made covers

no more icky, flaky foam thingies

these will be going to Mr Cute for his big airplane ride along with the Busy Book

I worked on projects a bit yesterday, but my usual evening, in my recliner in front of the TV work didn't amount to much -- I was actually watching the TV

across the valley from us a wild fire started around noon yesterday -- by evening it was over 1000 acres and growing -- we could see the column of smoke (in fact the whole sky was a weird orange-y color) -- and they had evacuated several areas of the city itself --- scary stuff

and as for a restful night?  forget it -- between the heat (at 10:30 pm it was still 89 degrees) and the wild life coming out of the high country (there were bear sightings less than 5 miles away from our house) the dogs in our neighborhood - including ours - were going nuts

I think I already need a nap -- as I write this at 9:20 am, it's already 92 degrees -- we'll now have a chorus of a Cole Porter song -- "it's too darn hot"!

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AlisonH said...

Yow! Okay, I have nothing to complain about--stay safe!

And I love the headphone covers a lot better than the storeboughts.