Monday, June 25, 2012

what the best dressed toddler wears

designer shorts made by grandma!

Mr Cute is going to be the best dressed kid at school

these two pair of shorts took less than an hour from the pulling out of the fabric to the final press

and both of them were made out of fabric left over from the making of sun hats -- the green fabric with the jungle print was last year's sun hat for Mr Cute and the blue "choo choo" print was left from the making of the sun hat for his friend earlier this year

over the weekend we got some fabric to make another pair of custom scrubs for the DH and I got enough fabric that I'll be able to make another pair of shorts for Mr Cute from that too

it's funny that I'm back in the clothing business again -- in the last week or so one of my art quilt groups has been talking about how many of us came from a sewing background --- yup, I'd be part of that faction!  and I can tell you that this is like riding a bike -- once you know how you don't forget (although that is not so true of my bike riding skills)

last night, as I sat in my recliner with the cooler running full blast over me, I finished the annual Christmas sweater for my daughter --- here's hoping all this summer heat will keep her warm when she wears it this winter!

as I write this at about 9am, it is 81 degrees -- we've already been out to do the garden chores, so we'll be trying to avoid the heat and the smoky air for the rest of the day --- soon as I get the laundry done I can work on projects in the studio --- nice!

time for some breakfast

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