Tuesday, June 26, 2012

more sewing

finished another pair of shorts for Mr Cute!

these are more "dressy" and should make his mama happy because they will go well with all those cute printed t shirts he has

and since these were to be made from the same fabric as the new pair of pants I'm making for the DH, that pair of pants got cut out too -- guess that tells you what the next item to go to the sewing machine will be

since I have now finished the Christmas sweater, I needed to find a new knitting project

this is a very old pattern that I was able to download from a source on line

I'll be creating the lion for a friend

an ADULT friend for whom in the past I've made teddy bears and knitted zebras

this should be fun

 this is what the smoke from the Waldo Canyon Fire looked like from our back yard last night

this morning it's hazy and smells very smoky

words fail me

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